Dr. Morris Tai, DC

Dr. Morris Tai, DC

1990 B.S. Pre-Physical Therapy. San Francisco State University.

1994 D.C. Chiropractor. Palmer College of Chiropractic West.

Dr. Morris Tai, DC originally went into the chiropractic field as a sports medicine specialist. He had a strong concentration of track and field athletes and Olympic Weight Lifters.

Dr. Morris Tai, DC has over 20 years of chiropractic experience and in that course of time he has worked in many types of chiropractic offices. As a result Dr. Morris Tai has learned and perfected the best neck and back adjustments from these work experiences and has many highly technical adjustments at disposal. Dr. Morris Tai’s “normal” adjustments are composed of highly difficult techniques designed to address those hard and difficult areas of the spine.

Dr. Morris Tai, DC is the only chiropractor in the Sacramento region who is trained in Advanced Biostructural Correction™. There were cases where other chiropractors have suggested to the patient to seek surgical intervention but he was able to relieve their pain through ABC.